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    Last I checked trading profits are taxed as local income so it's useless for traders.
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    With crypto there is also a catch - if it is your profesional activity, so let's say you are a trader, you are also normally taxed - as local income. And this country is ruled by socialist party and marxists, so beautiful place to visit but for doing business - run away.
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    Like in most EU countries. Especially in West Europe. In the East there are still possibilities.
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  5. I paid a law firm to evaluate whether trading US equities using a UK broker was considered foreign income. As usual they did not give a firm answer, but they leaned primarily towards: No.

    (You are welcome if I saved you money on legal advice.)
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    Ie. much like the US under this libtard Biden and his leftist-marxist "govt" gang... :)
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    Definitely much better to do business in countries free from the tyranny of government and the infrastructure and educated workforce and good access to health care and security all the other 'tard features that happen when we socialize a public good. I hear Somalia is almost entirely free of this pesky socialized government thing, and as a bonus there is no gun control and any rules that do exist are based on a religion. Highly recommend it to anyone who feels the need to talk about "socialist marxists" or who thinks they're clever by appending "tard" to the end of a word, it's a veritable paradise for your limited government ideals in action!
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    You can have developed country without that much socialism and marxism. In fact each country that is developed now was developing in era of low taxes, low regulations and almost no social. That is why those countries are developed that well, not the opposite. And if you like socialism so much, in 50 years we will se the end game for those territories. But to know result, we don't need to wait that long. Socialism always ends the same way.
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    How would they know?
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    What about scandinavia region. They're doing it right. Well, mostly right.
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