Portugal Traders

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  1. I think it would be great to know who the traders in my area are. I know there have been many 'lets get together for drinks' posts over the years....which would be great, but I'd also like to meet a few like minded traders in my area to swap ideas and stories with.

    If you are trading with a group, at home, prop or retail and are in the area - put a posting up to let us know who is out there!

    I am starting trading equity indexes futures.

    I live in Lisbon, Portugal
  2. solyaris


    I just joined yesterday, let me know if you're still active.
  3. asap


    lisbon based as well.
  4. what a coincidence, i just booked my holiday to portugal 5 minutes ago :)
  5. cunhex


    I've just logged a few minutes ago. I'm from sintra. I trade forex for 5 years. I'm trying trade gold. do any of you have some tips for me about gold?