Portugal downgraded to AA- by Fitch

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  1. LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Fitch Ratings downgraded Portugal's long-term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings to AA- from AA on Wednesday. The outlooks on the long-term IDRs are negative, the agency said. The downgrade reflects significant budgetary underperformance in 2009. "A sizeable fiscal shock against a backdrop of relative macroeconomic and structural weaknesses has reduced Portugal's creditworthiness," said Douglas Renwick, associate director in Fitch's Sovereign team. The euro extended losses against the dollar after the move and European shares turned lower.


    Hum...PIGS attack...
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    United States Debt to GDP is Worse than Portugal from what I googled.
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    So here we have another news story that's pushing futures lower however is this news going to be brushed aside by 9:46 am and create a buying opportunity for those not in the market causing yet again another higher closing. Every piece of news related to Europe has been ignored by the markets, this could be the same.
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    US is nearing 100% debt to GDP ratio and the economy is loving every second of it.

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    Futures already climbing off lows.....

    *S&P FUT
    1164.4 _ -5.2 -0.44%
    *DOW FUT
    10793.0 _ -35.0 -0.32%
    *NAS FUT
    1953.5 _ -8.75 -0.45%
    80.6 _ -1.31 -1.60%
  6. thanks for the good news, that means at least 100 pts upside
  7. Release bad news...buy off the dips...wash and repeat.
  8. You have no clue about the differences between the stock market and the economy, do you?
  9. Are you considering buying an ocean-front vacation home there? :D
  10. I think very few realize that Greece, Portugal and Ireland make up around 7% of the EZ's GDP. There can be no news from these 3 that would be fundamentally significant for the EZ. It's all just hype.
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