Portugal Captial Available

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  1. Alternext (an extension of Euronext) is about to be implemented in Lisbon (Portugal). The minimal capital to float is 2.500.000 €. The company must have at least 2 years of audited accounts, must have a track record of sales of 20.000.000€ and value at least 40.000.000€. There are other conditions but those are the main ones. What is preventing you of getting funded in Portugal?

    . Azorean Government (Portugal) is supporting under certain circumstances investments that can reach:
    . 44% of No Repayable Loan
    . 25% of loan with ZERO interest
    . The rest (31%) can be achieved with equity and bank loan
    I would suggest that you think about this possibility and transmit it to others so your company can be part of this new wave of FDI in Azores