Porting TWS settings to a new PC?

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  1. Can someone tell what files I need to copy to the new TWS to maintain my current preferreces? TIA
  2. if you use the latest version it will give you the option of choosing the settings directory upon login...
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    In your TWS install directory (e.g. C:\IBJts), there is a directory corresponding to an encrypted version of each username that you log into TWS with (e.g. darykq). In that directory, you may want to copy some or all of the following files to the same directory (after you have logged in and back out again) on the new machine:

    jts.pg - Market data pages and lines
    user.ini - Most configuration settings, including some stuff related to pages.
    layout.lyt - Page layouts
    exec.lyt - Executions window layout
    option-model.xml - Option model info
    ???.rpt - Execution files for the last 7 days
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    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    And don't forget hotkey.lyt - the file that stores your hotkey and shortcut settings. Your best bet is to copy the entire directory.

    Hint: to find the directory where your setting are stored quickly, run TWS, click on a market data line, and press ctrl-alt-U; it will display your settings directory in a popup.