Porting Code from ESignal to NinjaTrader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Joe Doaks, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Merely typing the thread title gave me a paralyzing migraine. Where will my challenge lead me? To have a stroke?

    Pour commencer, I refreshed my memory on how one learns to use ESignal:

    go to the home page
    click on the link for the ESignal product you want to learn about
    click on the link for the support page
    click on the link for new user orientation
    click on the link for Knowledgebase
    click on the link for the archived manual for the previous (not the current) version

    Six pages in, and what have you lernt? That they document like they code.

    Now to Ninja:

    go to the home page
    clink on the Support link
    Select a help guide.

    Three pages in, what have I lernt? That they probably document like they code.
  2. Oh, my! I downloaded NT and fired it up. Whoa! This does not look anything like ESignal! Is that maybe a clue?

    Let's see....what did I do to learn ESignal....let's crank ESignal up...ah, yes, there's the help link...punch help topics....what's this...an error message, "failed to launch help"....a Vista error message pops up "The Help for this program was created in Windows Help format, which was used in previous versions of Windows and it is not supported in Windows Vista." HELP!

    Maybe it will be different in NT...there's help...punch help...what's this....the full up manual downloads with the program! HELP!
  3. OK, let's play a game of "My First NT Chart." Dang it! Can't find symbol lookup on the menu or in Help! How am I supposed to make a chart? OK....File...New...Chart. Awwrite! The first thing that pops up is a window where I can select from the 636 most popular US instruments. And the option to look up more obscure ones. No wonder I couldn't find Help on it. I don't NEED help!

    When I punch Symbols in ESignal, it takes me to the web manual. I can find any symbol I want there if I already know what it is.