PortfolioTK v1.10 Announced

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    Just released the latest version of PortfolioTK; charting and portfolio management software. v1.10 incorporates many new powerful features with a completely redesigned charting interface and trade entry log.


    David Piatek<br><a href="http://www.piateksoftware.com">http://www.piateksoftware.com</a>

    Change Log
    Version 1.10 - 08/07/07

    -Redesigned charting/research interface
    +create, edit, and store securities in a local database
    +Multi-threaded historical quote download built-in
    +Quicker chart loading and switching
    +Panning, zooming, and scrolling of chart
    +Can specify chart periodicity (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    +Able to edit indicator parameters (right clicking the chart
    brings up a context menu to edit indicator params and remove)
    +Able to add more than two indicators (double click the
    name of the indicator you would like to add to the chart)
    +Fundamentals tab browsing now much easier and cleaner
    -New Preferences menu under the File menu
    -Polished up the interface, as well as, rearranged main tabs to
    reflect greater future emphasis on charting
    -Slightly improved loading time
    -Can now start the program without being connected to the internet
    -Bug fixes in the new trade interface along with easier date entry.
    Also, sorting by date now works properly
    -Able to export trade list to a comma separated .CSV file
    -Manual has been updated to reflect new features
    -New statistics in Monte Carlo simulator
    +Probability of Profit/Loss
    +Van Tharp's $ Expectancy Per Trade
    +Van Tharp's $ Expectancy Per $ Invested

    Amibroker Users: To make the interface more intuitive, the Amibroker
    Plugin is now disabled by default. If you are an Amibroker user, go
    to File->Preferences menu and tick the Enable Amibroker Plugin.