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    I was wondering if anyone knows of a website or provider which provides a stock watchlist.

    I don't mean just any watchlist.

    I mean one similar to what Yahoo offers. For example at Finance.yahoo they allow people to enter as many as 200 ticker symbols in one shot, as well as have multiple watchlists you can customize.

    I'd like one which can hold thousands of stocks ticker symbols.
  2. Thousands of stocks=entire market. Just watch a major index then. It would be the same. What exactly are you trying to do?
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    Well for example, if you take a look at the russell 2000 or perhaps the Wilshire 5000 index.

    I want to be able to see the stocks that are listed in this index and sort them by price, % down, %up, etc. . . for example.

    I just want to view all the stocks in various indexes. I want to avoid by typing in the ticker each time.
  4. Very simple. Most decent programs do that. But you'd need a real-time data subscription, or are you looking only for free stuff?
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    No I don't mind paying. But do they really offer that. Watchlists which hold lets say 1000 ticker symbols. Which can be sorted, how I like. (I wouldn't want to add new ticker symbols individually)
  6. Quote.com's QCharts does that for sure. I use it. Neoticker does. I believe Tradestation 8.0 does. So, it's a matter of selecting which costs less? Qharts is about $100/mo. Same for tradestation. Do you need it end of day or real-time? Obviously realtime is more both for software and data. Quote.com also has something called LiveCharts? Not sure if it would do that. Check Money.net website. they may have something less expensive.
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    Would anyone know if Cybertrader offers that? I saw lightspeed software and to try to simulate what yahoo has you need to input each ticker individually.

    By the way it doesn't need to be real-time.
  8. I should have clarified. Is End-of-Day data ok? That would be cheaper (but useless during trading hours)?

  9. TC2000 has this.
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    End of day data would be fine. I'm sure this should be cheap to find.
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