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  1. Hey all,

    I've got a rather complex strategy I've been working on for a bit, and I want to make sure that the trades actually produced work from a P/L point-of-view.

    At this point, essentially, I have a complex excel document with the rules. I want to validate the rules - any thoughts about the best approach and/or software to do this?


  2. Matlab is probably your best bet. You could try with a program such as tradestation, but Matlab is quite a bit more flexible.
  3. Amibroker does portfolio level backtesting, $200 U.S
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    take a look at TradersStudio..IMHO,its the best system tester/backtester out there.Most important,the customer support is really good and you can either "chat live" or speak to technical support.

    I also prefer the TradersStudio programming language to Ami and the others I have used
  5. Any thoughts about Traders Studio vs. Trading Blox?
  6. Any thoughts about Traders Studio vs. Trading Blox?
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    Our goal at TradersStudio is to become the standard trading system platform. One big difference between TradersStudio and TradingBlox is that TradersStudio has a complete charting component which includes custom indicators, color bars, mark bars, expert advisors,drawing tools and more. This is in addition to the backtesting and report capabilities of TradersStudio.

    We can also backtest intra-day data , which they do not and we plan to be real time later this year.

    Another big advantage to TradersStudio is you can use existing EasyLanguage systems translating them with the migration tool.

    If we compare the apple to apple version of TradingBlox to TradersStudio we have $2999.00 for tradingblox and $499.00 for TradersStudio. TradersStudio comes with about a dozen built in systems , but if you want the Turtle System,my Super Turtle which outperforms the Turtle System by 40% a bond system and a market timing system added we have a package deal for $799.00

    Here is the link to that special offer.

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    I have never used Trading Blox as I wasnt willing to spend $3000,so I am afraid i cant be of much help there...
  9. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Murray, you seem to take a lot of flack in this forum! Most of the criticism seems leveled at the systems you have developed or marketed in the past. While this is interesting to me, I'm more interested in developing my own system. My only concern is that the Trading Blox community seems very strong in comparison with your community. No doubt much of this is due to the relative newness of the product vs. Trading Blox. But, as you have pointed out, there is a huge price differential.

    You offer a 30-day money back offer, no?

    Thanks everyone!

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    SmartQuant, period.

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