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    I developed a Windows application, PortfolioTK, to handle portfolio tracking because I could not find a solution that fit what I was looking for at the price I was looking for. =) It handles everything from graphing to advanced statistics. Performance is calculated off of monthly account values and comparisons to benchmark indices are implemented.

    It would be great to get some feedback on it so I can improve development. A free trial can be downloaded at:

    <a href="http://www.piateksoftware.com">http://www.piateksoftware.com</a>

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    David Piatek
  2. Can I import Interactive Brokers trade statements (daily, monthly)?

    That would be the #1 criteria for me.
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    That's actually high on my list of features to add because I have accounts with IB and entering individual trades can become tedious. But first I'll be adding some more advanced statistics like alpha, beta, and r-squared among others. As for the rest of the program's reporting features, you only need to enter the month ending balance from your broker's statement. All statistics are then calculated from there.

  4. I am not sure if your software covers this. but I would pay for a tool that

    a) downloads my IB statements automatically from Account Admin
    b) Let's me configure lists of symbols and bundle them into strategies, e.g. Currency Futures into Strategy A, a list of SP500 stock symbols into Strategy B, a list of micro cap stocks into Strategy C etc. etc.
    c) Then the tool would match the symbols from the IB statements with the lists from b) and give me

    - Trade by Trade PL per strategy
    - Portfolio overview of asset performance per strategy
    - PL contribution of each sub strategy to overall result
    etc. etc.

    Couldn't find a solution to this issue anywhere. I run over half a dozen uncorrelated strategies simultaneously, some of them with many dozen symbols. Broker side performance tracking is just a mess.

    Just a suggestion, I doubt there are too many people with a specific requirement like mine :(
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    Yeah, that is a little outside the scope of the initial release. But I could see the benefit of having such a feature and I hadn't thought of it. I think it would be great to be able to break down performance and equity curves by strategy. Would let you know which strategy is underperforming. I copied your post down as future possibilities.

  6. Thanks, I bookmarked your website and will check back periodically for updates.
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    There were two errors that I came across while further testing my program. One involved the YTD calculation and the other dealt with certain saved accounts crashing on program opening. I have since corrected these issues and uploaded a new installer on my website. I apologize for any inconvenience experienced by those who downloaded the software.

    David Piatek
    <a href="http://www.piateksoftware.com">http://www.piateksoftware.com</a>

  8. Did you investigate this software:
  9. what instruments can be tracked? i.e., stocks,bonds,futures, forex, etc......?
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    TwsAutoTrack looks like a great program for tracking individual positions. PortfolioTK was primarily developed to be used for overall portfolio performance tracking and statistics. I wanted to see my account charts and be able to compare performance to the indices visually. I also wanted to be able to create a program useful for FA's and CTA's to show statistics on their performance. Although, I will be expanding upon position recording and reporting in the future. Appreciate the link.
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