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Discussion in 'Options' started by akivak, Feb 5, 2010.

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    I’m using MSNStockQuote function to get data from MSN Money to Excel. It’s not Real Time, but it’s good enough for me. However, couple of weeks ago it stopped working for most (if not all) ETF options (SPY, GLD etc.). So I checked directly in MSN Money – they don’t have data for those options. I guess it might be related to the new symbols? Does someone know when MSN Money is going to resume the quotes? Any other recommendations how to get quotes (especially options) to Excel?
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    What broker are you using. TOS has an real time DDE interface that
    Excel can hook into.

    -Darryl DE WA1GON
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    I'm using IB. I know they also have an interface but I wasn't able to use it. If someone can help it would be much appreciated.
  4. Can you tell me how you're using MSNStockQuote to obtain option pricing? I couldn't find any documentation on how to get an option quote through this function.

  5. Can you just use finance.yahoo data instead?
  6. Hoadley options addin is like $79 or something like that and it'll do all you want and then some.
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    It doesn't import quotes for options (or maybe I'm doing something wrong?)
  9. That'll get me the underlying, not options.
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