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  1. billv


    Hi Guys,

    I currently have a portfolio of 8 stocks and have had trading activity in approx 20 stocks this year.

    I was suggested to sign up to "sharesight" for portfolio management purposes (ongoing performance tracking plus accounting documentation).

    Are there are similar websites I can use or are there certain trading software which would include portfolio management and performance tools?

    Thank you
  2. ZBZB


  3. billv


    Thank you ZBZB, do you know of any others which can also accept Non US stocks
    and which also include my closed trades for performance monitoring of my portfolio?
  4. ZBZB


    who is your broker? Interactive brokers let you run reports that will tell you just about anything.
  5. billv


    My broker is Comsec in Australia.
    I know about IB but I'm looking for something which would also enable me to also input my closed trades from other brokers and provide reports on my whole portfolio.
  6. ZBZB


    bloomberg will accept non us stocks.
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  7. billv


    I came across another website which offers stock research + portfolio tracking capabilities.
    I have not investigated it much but it looks useful.
  8. billv


    I found another site which has portfolio management

    My conclusion is that Ziggma doesn't suit me but the other 2 sites are great.
    I like "Sharesight" because it provides good reports so it will make my tax filling very easy and "SimplyWallSt" are great because of their amazing stock analysis tools.

    I love the look of "SimplyWallSt", I only used their PC version so I don't know if their apps are any good but I liked their website a lot.

    I especially liked the evaluation of portfolios, the Snowflake and the information on directors' ownership of shares. Then I also liked the graphs and general dissection of each company including risks and financial health. Overall a good website for stock research in many markets worldwide.
    Their csv report on my portfolio was not that good so they have to do some work on their reporting tools but apart from this they are an excellent resource.
  9. deaddog


    I found the best tracker is an excel spreadsheet.

    That way you get the information you want in the form you want it.
  10. billv


    Yes it can be but there are many features out there which can make our life easier.
    For example, sharesight will automatically pickup my trades from different brokers and will update my portfolio.