portfolio position in TWS 891.5 is wrong

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by richardyu301, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. TWS shows that I was in a position but actually I was not.

    And the position info in "Portfolio" tag and "Trades" don't match.

    Anyone else seeing this problem??
  2. Yes, this happened to me yesterday. I had closed out all my trades and about an hour later TWS reported that I was -1500 in futures positions that did not exist. It even reported my net liquidation with the phantom losses and I confirmed that IB was seeing the same thing on their side (scary). It then reset itself about 30 minutes later but I never got a clear explanation of what caused it. I have been having lots of problems with TWS lately so I am going back to an earlier version until it gets sorted.
  3. This error has cost me $800 already.

    I left home yesterday after seeing that there is no position in place. When I came back I found that one trade was at loss.

    And today same thing happened again.

    Worse still is that I couldnt even tell whether I had a position or not as different panels/tags in TWS tell me different things.

    When I called the hotline and use the e-Chat nobody was there too.

    Eventually I need to downgrade TWS to 890.6 which seems to be ok.
  4. Did you take an actual loss on the trade? If so, you need to save your audit trail and hold off on downgrading if you can. At least save the old JTS directory and do not write over it as you might need to recreate what happened.

    My issue was purely a glitch and did not result in any real loss. Do not just write it off because this should not be happening and if it does you can get compensated if you present your side and have the audit trail to back it up.
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    Indeed, you probably can get compensation for an error on their part.

    Expect to wait up to 6 weeks from the day they acknowledge the issue for it to be credited to your account
  6. I'm waiting for the day that an error like this in TWS causes equity to be too low and IB's program that liquidates positions to achieve required margin runs amuck with everyone's account.
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    I have had some promlems with TWS too.

    I submitted a trouble ticket and it took several days to get a response.