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  1. I want to design a hypothetical portfolio containing a large number of stocks with widely varying position sizes, and I would like to be able to determine as I am designing the portfolio precisely what percentage of the portfolio each stock occupies without having to do the math myself.

    So I am looking for a spreadsheet that will display (and automatically update) position size percentages when I enter, or change, the number of shares for each stock in the portfolio.

    I've been searching the web but so far I haven't been able to find a spreadsheet that displays or updates percentages of position sizes.

    But this seems like such a basic and useful function that I imagine one must exist??

    Is anyone familiar with software or a spreadsheet that can do this?
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    You could have a look at the R packages "blotter" and "PerformanceAnalytics" for a start...

    There are several other portfolio building and optimization packages if you take the time to have a look around CRAN archive network...

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  3. Thanks for your replies. I only have a basic knowledge of Excel so was hoping to find something premade by a more sophisticated user. I'll check out your suggestions.