Portfolio Margining & Account Minimums

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    Hallo there,
    if you have come up in touch with Portfolio Margining. Please be so kind, to write here the name of firm and minimum account size to get approved for PM plus anything what will be handy for others. PB stands for Prime Brokerage

    Newedge USA
    PB account 1M

    Regular account 100K

    Regular account 100K
    PB account 500K

    Regular account 100K

    Penson Clearing Only
    PB account 550K

    GSEC Clearing Only
    PB account 2-5M

    Regular Account 250-500K

    Lek Securities
    Regular Account 250K
  2. Options House - $250k
    TOS - $100k
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    Good idea for a thread -- it's nice to have all this info summarized in one place.

    I can also confirm Penson $550k for PB -- they also have a fee minimum of I think $5k/month. But you may be able to get a non-PB, Penson "introducing broker" to do this for as little as $100k; I don't know which ones, if any, actually offer this.

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    Actually I can do PB with Penson, subject to minimum USD 2500 in fees a months. Looks like minimum fees are more up to introducing B/D than Penson itself. TOS is clearing with Penson and has minimum 100K for Portfolio Margining on regular account.
  5. I've heard from some TOS customers that they are considering lowering the threshold to 50k.
  6. i hope not.

    anyway that decision is more controlled by their clearing firm than tos.
  7. So whats the minimum account size for an institutional prime brokerage account with

    a) GS
    b) LEH
    c) MS
    d) BSC/JPM
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    For GSEC PB from 1M via third party B/D, GS proper I believe is 10M.

    MS PB is 5-10M

    LEH PB No idea

    JPM/BSCPB I believe used to be 1M via third party B/D, 5-10M directly

    Just to add one more, directly Pershing Prime 10M.

    MER/Broadcort PB account via third party B/D 1M, may be less.

    RBC PB in US 5M. RBC PB London 1M.
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    One more PB Fidelity Prime 10M
  10. LEH PB- Uh don't worry about it. We'll take any amount!
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