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  1. 220volt


    Does anyone know any good Portfolio management software. Low cost or free.

    Tried looking for it in forums with no luck. Found some with Google searches but don't want to install all of them to test them, especially if they contain advertisements or are trial version.
    More futures the better.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Can you be more specific? What features are you looking for? It will be easier to provide help if you give us a little more detail of what you're looking for.
  3. 220volt


    -Basically something that will graph my portfolio and compare it to lets say s&p 500. I would like to see my portfolio performance compared to different markets.
    -Also, position sizing calculator would be helpful.
    -Risk/reward tools would also be helpful.
    -Any kind of built in diagnostic utility would be good to have
    I have Microsoft Money but it is very basic and my broker (tradeking) doesn't offer anything like that.

    Note: It doesn't have to be stand alone system. It could be web based too.

  4. Hmmmm....what software are you looking at currently?
  5. I haven't looked in a while, but Morningstar may have something you can purchase. Depending on what broker you use, they may have something as well. Most full service firms have this software, not sure about the online firms. Something simple like Microsoft Money may work as well.
  6. bloomberg
  7. taowave


    MSA is a great product,but if I am not mistaken it is not a stand alone product.I demoed it a while back and had to export my trade results into MSA..

    I am waiting for their next release which will handle portfolios..
  8. timbo


    riskgrades offers a VaR methodology to measure portfolio risk. It's free and the methodology is open.
  9. ygol


    I am using statorAFM
    ( http://www.stator-afm.com/ )

    but still have mixed feelings about it.

    I couldn't find something better though.

    Good luck
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