*****Portfolio manager says 30% upside in this "STEALTH BULL MARKET"*****

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    Wowsers, this is just getting to be one big joke isn't it. 30% more upside in the markets, whew, as if the jump in stocks from March 2008 lows wasn't enough bulls are still wanting even more. This is usual when it comes to bulls and foolish money managers who think stocks only go one way. Damn wallstreet needs a real fucking wake up call.

    30% Upside in This 'Stealth Bull Market': Portfolio Manager
    Published: Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 | 1:22 PM ET
    By: JeeYeon Park
    CNBC News Associate

    I’m bullish on the markets and this is a great time for investors to get in, said Mark Mulholland, portfolio manager at Matthews 25 Fund. He shared his top holdings now.

    “We’re a multi-cap fund so we’re across the spectrum in a lot of different stocks,” Mulholland told CNBC.

    Mulholland said he’s been bullish since the market turned in March and called the current environment a “stealth bull market.”

    “People have been net sellers of stocks for 3.5 years,” he noted. “We have a long way to go when the general population starts coming back into the market...this is a great wealth-building period.”

    Based on valuations, Mulholland said there’s still a 30 percent upside to stocks.

    Mulholland’s Top Holdings:

    Apple [AAPL 302.31 2.17 (+0.72%) ]

    Cabela’s [CAB 19.01 0.21 (+1.12%) ]

    Polaris Industries [PII 67.31 -0.13 (-0.19%) ]

    Goldman Sachs [GS 151.59 -3.14 (-2.03%) ]

    Kansas City Southern [KSU 41.27 -0.23 (-0.55%) ]
  2. What else is a stock mutual fund manager supposed to say? It's not like he can start shorting or move most of his money to gold...
  3. It's possible it's also possible we go down 30%. :]

    Like assholes everyones got an opinion.
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    You do realize when you price the market in gold instead of worthless dollars we are still sitting on the march 08 lows. You do realize that don't you? Technically the rally hasn't even started yet. Yeah, I think there is a lot of upside in this market to come. If you don't adjust for currency valuation your argument is pointless.
  5. And i thought currency valuations are per se defined by purchasing power parity and the Big Mac Index...:confused: