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    The job below is from a reputable headhunter in the hedge fund industry. I think some of you may be interested and have the qualifications. Just pm me and I'll send you the contact info. In your pm (as a small favor for me in return for the info), can you please attach your resume? The reason I ask is because I am curious about the backgrounds of people on ET and I want to get a feel. I will not do any pre-screening or anything like that. I will send the info to anyone who pm's me. I am not affiliated with the hedge fund or headhunting firm at all. If you are concerned about confidentiality, feel free to hide any identifying info on your resume. You may want to leave a message here to let me know that you sent me a pm (I do not stay logged in all the time).

    Seeking PMs to manage their own P&Ls

    This multi-billion dollar, NYC based multi-strategy hedge fund is seeking 1-2 Portfolio Managers. The firm has a P&L trading model with above-market pay-outs (up to 15 out of the 20 points of incentive fee depending upon return). The firm's Analysts and PMs tend to be sector-focused and the firm's overall investment style is value-oriented with a focus on discounted cash flows, value, medium term horizon and in depth analysis. The firm is, however, multi-strategy so would consider Portfolio Managers with various strategies as long as they are money makers. While the firm tends to have a medium holding period on its positions, it does trade around those core positions. The firm is seeking to increase its investment team to handle the excess of capital is has under management. The firm has had no down year since its founding in 1998 and has a very strong reputation.

    The ideal candidate profile is as follows:

    (1) Highly intelligent/high raw aptitude
    (2) Drive and willingness to take risk

    (3) Confident but not arrogant and ability to admit mistakes and be constructive
    (4) An MBA is preferred but not required
    (5) Sector specialization preferred but not rquired (sectors of particular interest right now include financial services and biotech)
    (6) Experience at another hedge fund or long-only asset management firm is required

    Compensation will consist of a market competitive base salary, plus a formulaic pay-out which is above-market. The firm is also open to first year guarantees for the right candidates.
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    oh well that's okay. i hope those of you who apply will still drop a quick note.

    i am often tapped in to the flow of descent trading/investing positions. however, thanks to those who like to ruin things for other people without provocation, i won't be sharing them here again.
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