Portfolio Construction/ factor investing

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  1. Portfolio Construction/ factor investing
    Interecting article on longerterm portfolio construction:
    • Portfolio construction is a lot like cooking. There are two equally important elements: the ingredients and the recipe. The ingredients are the signals that are used to select investments. The recipe is the set of rules used to transform those signals into portfolio allocations.
    • In factor investing, the signals (e.g., value, momentum, carry) often get all the attention and the importance of the recipe – how these signals are actually transformed into portfolio construction – often gets lost. Designing a recipe requires making decisions like how often to rebalance, how to weight holdings, and how to blend signals (when multiple signals are used).

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  2. SPY - Buy and hold.
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    @Chuck Krug, my larger portfolio is partly managed like that. Can't really tell if it makes a difference yet, since I switched to that only about 6 months ago.
  4. The best strategy is to buy and hold, but avoid the bear markets and signfiicant corrections