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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Brad0407, Jun 2, 2011.

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    I'm working on a tool to chart the equity curve of a portfolio given a .csv file of transactions (so far I haven't found a free tool that does this well). It accepts transactions dates and times (the biggest flaw of the Yahoo and Google portfolio tools). It also accounts for commissions. You can bulk load the data via .csv file (the biggest flaw of another otherwise nice portfolio charting tool I found). And you can put in as many symbols as you want (this is where the free version of a lot of good tools usually ends). Here in the Journal's section of the forum, I've seen lots of threads with post after post of transactions and I think that a visual equity curve would be a good compliment to those posts. I can also add on to the tool to output helpful statistics like win/loss ratio, risk-to-reward, drawdown, etc...

    Right now the tool only works with my portfolio. You can see it here. I have to warn you that it takes a little bit of time to load because my portfolio has almost 100 different symbols and I'm not saving off any of the historical data yet. It's being downloaded from Yahoo. I'll definitely fix that performance issue before opening it up to accept other portfolios, so don't worry. And the real-time (15 min delayed) data is no problem since it takes less than a second to download.

    Anyway, it's still a work in progress, but if anyone has any interest or input, I'll write the user interface so that anyone can produce the same chart. I'm also more than happy to put in the programming time to make improvements as desired. I'll take all your input seriously as I want to create a very comprehensive and useful tool. And I'd also like to make a helpful contribution to this forum.