portfoio margin for an IRA account with IB

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  1. njrookie


    Is it possible to have PM with IB IRA account? I know it needs 100K+ for a regular account (taxable account). It seems IB allow Reg T margin account for IRA account. What about PM if the balance is over 100k+?

    Is it possible to short stocks with PM in an IRA account?

    If you have both IRA and regular account linked in IB, are your commission rates (unbundled of course) based on the total volume across two accounts, or each account separate?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

  2. Surdo


    An IRA can not be PortfolioMargined, think about it, if a trade goes severely against you, how would you pay back the "loan" since IRA contributions have a max per year???
  3. cstfx


    Portfolio margining is only applied to equity trading and you cannot trade equities on margin in an IRA.
  4. njrookie


    I am thinking of doing a ROTH IRA conversion and trade from it. However I need PM to trade stocks since I carry a lot over night for swing positions, and frequently carry 5X leverage in my regular taxable account right now. Without PM, an IRA account needs too much cash outlay to work out.

    Just hate to send in all these quarterly tax check to IRS and feel I have to figure out a way to get around some of it. Everything is short term gain for trading equity and taxed as regular income. Once you factor in state tax (New Jersey), almost half off the hard-earned dollar is gone.

    Any suggestions? I live in the US but I am not a citizen.

  5. njrookie


    I disgree with the argument that IRA cannot be PMed since it has contribution limit.

    IB's PM monitors your account in real time and can always liquidate your position if you run out of margin. This has happened to me a few times without much damage.

  6. Surdo


    What happens if there is a major news event overnight, how does that work to liquidate your position when it goes south?

    An IRA can not be PM'ed, trust me.
  7. zdreg


    both of you are wasting time trying to give an answer based upon logic. ask customer service
  8. njrookie


    IB CS is not always the most helpful bunch.
  9. zdreg


    please describe what u did to get an answer.
  10. JamesL


    They didn't give him the answer he wanted.
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