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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Ridu, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Ridu


    Hi, I'm looking for a lightweight but reliable solution for running IB's Trader Work Station software when I'm out of the office for keeping tabs on markets prices, stops etc. I'm considering either the EEE or otherwise some kind of windows based smart phone using wifi... has anyone managed to get TWS working reliably on either of these platforms? I'd be very grateful for any comments or recommendations on the best way to approach a mobile solution to TWS.
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  2. You might check out the OQO computer. I have one and run TWS directly from it when I am out of town with no problems. It is still a little expensive but has worked well for me so far and has been well worth the price. It has built-in Wifi, Ethernet and you can add either a Verizon or Sprint EVDO broadband card.

  3. Ridu


    looks like a neat solution, will check it out. thanks brocklanders
  4. The most reliable solution we have implemented is using Windows RDP client on windows mobile smartphones to remote control our trading workstations.

    All of the heavy lifting and data transfers remain in the "office" all you are sending to and from your phone are screen updates.

    Works surprisingly well on HTC windows mobile devices under 802.11 wifi mode.
  5. I am using my HTC with this program. It can send not just the screen but also the audio alert frm my esignal.

    In case you don't like Pocket PC you may consider below notebooks/UMPC:
    - SONY UX, OQO e2, FUJITSU U2010 => small but not so powerful CPU
    - Fujitsu P1620 (or the upcoming P1630) => small but yet acceptable CPU

    I prefer these over Eee PC as they hv touchscreen.

    A list of UMPCs you can consider:
  6. moo


    Anything powerful enough to run Windows XP will do fine.

    I am using the Asus EEE PC 1000, which is excellent value.
  7. Sintax


    I run TWS (unix version) on my eeePC 2g Surf (cheapest model) running linux quite well. I use it on my wifi. Not sure if AirCard setup would be a pain in ass with Xandros linux or not though.