Portable high speed internet for trading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by WhiteOut56, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Looking for portable high speed internet for trading on my laptop.... does this exist?? what's my best option?

  2. Would you please quantify your "high speed".

    Nothing will come close to your 477.01 mb / s.
  3. Google Verizon broadband wireless. I use it. Switched to it from ATT wireless. Easy to use. Reliable. Improves your win probability.
  4. Redneck


    I also use Verizon – no issues or complaints

  5. BSAM


    Red you still having enough to last all month for your trading? Are you watching the market all day?
  6. Kubinec


    How fast is the Verizon mobile hotspot? I assume that's what's been mentioned?

    My relative tried Clear recently, but it wasn't fast enough (3-4MB/sec) for regular browsing, let alone trading.
  7. Look here and all will be re-veal-ed:


    But I advise you to pay no attention to Redneck and me. We are both crazy gun-toting Texans.
  8. Kubinec


    I've been there, Art.

    I assume you're talking 'bout 4G LTE??

    If you go do a speed test on http://www.speedtest.net/, what do you get, if ya don't mind a curious New Yokah :)
  9. My modem is only 3G. Stand by and I'll test it. I only use it as a backup for my cable modem.
  10. Checking with different services, about .96 MBps upload, .77 MBps download. Fast enough to watch porn while you trade.
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