Port1385 says to "double down" in your 3x inverse positions!!!

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Port1385, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Im tired of seeing all the foolish bulls on ET making every attempt to pump junk stock.

    I am now declaring that its time to "double down" into the 3x inverse etfs. There is no better time then right now.

  2. Yep dog.
    But, beware of the chearleaders.
  3. gkishot


    Another leg down is officially declared.

  4. yes but supply is gonna start increasing again, remember there was a foreclosure moratorium over that past month
  5. Excellent post, Port. I hope you're right, because today isn't going that way.
  6. Dont you see the bearish wedge on the $SPX? I would be surprised if it breaks upward out of the wedge from here. The upward move has been on decreasing volume which is classic of this formation.

    If Im right, then would you man enough to give me a compliment on my analysis? I guess not...
  7. the market will fuck as many people as it can. First the shorts gets screwed. Then just when everybody thinks its safe to jump in, "I CANT MISS THIS NEXT MOVE UP!!#@$" then the bulls get fucked...

    cheers. :D
  8. You are clearly try to defy authorities every attempt to pump up this zombie market, without mark to market rule, every bank is making handsome profits. :D Good luck to the short. you are gonna need it.
    #10     Apr 16, 2009