Port1385--Posterboy for ET's demise

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  1. The fact that Port1385 hasn't been banned yet is testament to the sad truth that ET is all about quantity over quality.

    That babbling idiot starts a new wildly bullish and wildly bearish thread everyday, then conveniently forgets to update the wrong thread or simply says "I was just kidding, I really did the opposite".

    Here is his thread from friday evening entitiled "I'm long 50 ES contracts at 870, bull market is back"


    Then this morning on the same thread he says--

    Why would ET allow posters like this to continually start thread after thread of complete nonsense?

    Save Ivanovich and the other moderators the hassle of having to move all Port's threads into chit-chat and just ban him for being an idiot.
  2. I couldn't agree more. Fortunately, I take solace in the fact that he never posts in the Trading forum anymore, because I throw it into chit chat the instant I see it.
  3. Joe


    Thanks, I'm taking care of it. Ivan, I'm sending you a PM.

  4. my irritation is crgarcia, who starts many threads with shock (generally mindless or stupid) titles, puts a few word original post, then almost never bothers to take part in the following posts in his own thread.

    It is like a 9 year old who puts firecrackers in mailboxes, just to see what it will do...

    Maybe there should be a 25 word minimum original post. It would kill crgarcia :D
  5. If you dont like my posts, then you dont have to read them or you can place me on ignore. I am not forcing you to read my threads. You see a thread and you think it has to be read, but it doesnt. You can simply look at the author and pass it up if you dont agree with it.

    I find it alarming that a person would be banned because someone simply doesnt have enough brains to move past a post whose author they do not like.

    As for Ivanovich, I disagree with his form of moderation. He simply looks at the author and sends it to chit-chat without even reading it. His form of moderation is very biased and prejudice.

    If you disagree with a person's form of speech, then dont try to pressure the administration to do what is simply unAmerican and that is to ban them from the forum.

    Ivanovich does not do what is American. His name is fitting because his name is Russian so he is used to societies which infringe upon those American rights. I dont believe Hitler did the right thing by burning books in the street. This forum should not do the same by stooping to levels of deleting posts, banning users and moving them to an area to censor their thinking.

    If you cant stand the heat of this forum, then you will surely hate a room full of crazed highly emotional young prop traders on adrenaline constantly changing their mind on calls and expressing themselves. Trading aint for you clubber...I cant picture you in such a room.

    Please Baron and Joe, do the right thing, do the American thing. Dont ban free speech.
  6. I also wanted to add a criticism of Ivanovich in addition to the above.

    In this thread, I posted a sensible chart that is logical to most any trader out there containing fib retracements and other such technical analysis that would be useful to most people.

    William Rennick comes in an draws a penis and tits on the chart then re-posts it. Ivanovich did nothing to stop this profanity or harassment of myself. This is how Ivanovich moderates.

    What happened to the code of conduct? Does Ivanovich go by the forum's code or his own personally written code?

  7. Those were technical lines and formations which made a whole lot more sense than the crap you posted.

    Rennick Bollinger out:cool:
  8. You are correct. But what you did not add is that I only do this once months of history has shown the user in question contributes nothing. After it is established he is a troll/spammer, etc., then there is no point in reading his posts anymore, is there?

    Regardless, Joe put me on the futures section now, so I will endeavor to keep the spam down.
  9. Good point out. I deleted the offending post. Believe it or not, I don't see everything. You are welcome to point out posts that are offending in nature, and they will be dealt with.
  10. Ah cmon Ivan, that was a friggen masterpiece. Plus I think graffetti is considered free speech. Put the cock and balls and big rack back or I'm calling the ACLU. :D
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