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  1. I need below ports open in order to run eSignal. However, my new company has blocked them. Is there anything I can do around it? I certainly can't ask the computer guys to grant me the authority to bypass their restrictions...

    Port 80 to imaf.futuresource.com is not responding
    Port 4001 to quantum-xmlrpc.futuresource.com is not responding
    Port 4002 to quantum-stream.futuresource.com is not responding
    Port 2189 to cm*.esignal.com is not responding
    Port 2190 to cm*.esignal.com is not responding
    Port 2192 to cm*.esignal.com is not responding
    Port 2193 to cm*.esignal.com is not responding
    Port 2194 to cm*.esignal.com is not responding
    Port 2196 to cm*.esignal.com is not responding
    ***This port checker can not respond to "All" firewall scenario's. Always consult your IT department for resolution of Workstation connectivty issues.***
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    If you have access to the web, you should be able to access trading software running on your home PC by way of gotomypc.com. A 1-year subscription costs $99.
  3. How about RealVNC/UltraVNC/TightVNC which are free? What are the differences between VNC and Gotomypc?

    Do they use certain ports that may be blocked by the company too?

    Wikipedia says that VNC uses below ports....

    VNC by default uses ports 5900 to 5906, each representing the corresponding X screen (ports 6000 to 6006, for screens :0 to :6). A Java viewer is available in many implementations such as RealVNC on ports 5800 to 5806, following the same pattern. These ports can be changed.
  4. Umm, do you think you will be doing this long? One would think the ports have been blocked for a reason. Whether you agree with it or not. I am assuming that these are company types responsible for the systems connections, or your ISP. In any event, you will not be able to defeat their setups for long.

    And if they are good, they will be monitoring for just what you are trying. I hope you will be able to convince them that you came up with this workaround based upon your own understanding of their network blocking efforts. :)