Porsche - What goes around, comes around?

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    Porsche SE, the maker of the 911 sports car, was cut to “sell” from “neutral” by UBS AG, which cited growing debt and a greater likelihood that the company will be forced to sell its Volkswagen AG stake.

    “Porsche’s economic net debt, including its hybrid bonds and derivative positions, may be as high as 18.3 billion euros rather than the 9 billion euros reported at the first half,” analysts led by London-based Philippe Houchois wrote in a report to investors.
  2. Porsche SE... SE = German for "Hedge Fund"? :cool:
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    the porsche strategie was good.
    1. problem was the state of niedersachsen (shareholder of 20 %, not willing to accept the free market roules)
    2. problem financial crisis