Porsche U.S. October sales up 15.1% to 1,642 units

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    There are a little over 200 Porsche dealers in the country, so that is 8 per dealer, or about 2 cars a week per dealer. I wonder what the dealers profit margin is? I assume the weak dollar isn't helping.

    Of course the service departments at these dealerships are raking it in. And I believe many Porche dealerships are not exclusively Porsche.
  2. About 3 years ago the labor rate at local Audi dealer was $175/hr. Any idea what it is at Porsche?
  3. A German car going for 100k EUR in Europe goes for $100k USD in the States, i.e. the Dollar punishes the car manufacturers outside of the US, not US customers.
  4. good question, Scataphagos. I'd like to know this as well.
  5. I own a 997-generation GT2 and my wife has a Boxster.
    Our local Porsche dealer
    charges $160 per hour.
  6. well worth it. those guys are like brain surgeons compared to the local pep boy greasey monkey
  7. I hope you take the GT2 to a couple trackdays a year otherwise you are wasting a lot of car there sir :)
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    So it is the manufacturer that bears the brunt of the weak dollar, not the dealer? I assumed it would be the US dealership since they purchase their inventory with increasingly weaker dollars. I've probably got it wrong.

    I think it was 190/hr last summer, but that is priced in Hamptons dollars.
  9. I'll be damned... Porsche 911 Turbo $135k in US, €145k in Germany. I wonder if there's a difference in the features list though. Still, [145-(135/1,48)] $54k covers an awful lot of extras in the car. Does it come with a daily complimentary bj?
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