Pornstar Stop Asking Me About My Account!

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  2. Please post a screen shot of your buying power, or else one of your trading blotters so you can prove to us what a teriffic trader you are.:D :D :D
  3. It would shut people up Stock trader I hope you have been making the cash and really dont care but you would get a much easier ride on here if you did/could?
  4. I dont even think he knows what a trading blotter looks like.....

    I also hope he does well, i just want him to establish his crediility since i have to read his horseshit on every single thread.

    Oh and btw stocktrad3r your ego is pretty fucking gigantic when you think that you and your trading blotter or should i say lack there of deserve to be in "wallstreet news"

    perhaps i should complain to the mods and have it moved.... LOL:D

    I didn't want to clog op the trading forum with this
  6. Obviously you simply can't

  7. I will tell you what, here is a chance for you to make money i will send you 10k if you can provide me with a statement that says you pull 100$ or more out of the market per day, this would put you a little bit ahead of people working at McDonalds, and would also be a 10% increase on your entire net worth, why not do it??

    I will take any lack of evidence that you make 100$ a day or more as proof that you dont even trade.
  8. I don't exactly trade. Sometimes I enter an exit a position in a short timeframe. But most of my positions are longer term.


    You can show an entire years statement and we can average it by the number of trading days in the year..:D
  10. He gets access to them when he turns 21
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