PornHub Asks People to Stop Uploading Videos of Brazil ‘Getting F*cked by Germany’

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  1. JamesL


    Barely minutes after the World Cup semifinal between Brazil and Germany ended, internet pranksters began flooding porn sites with highlights from the game, labeling the video clips “Young Brazilians getting fucked by Germans” (or something along those lines). Because, get it? Brazil literally got fucked by Germany in a humiliating 1-7 loss? Porn.

    While PornHub was annoyed that their sites were getting flooded with World Cup footage, they still had some fun at Brazil’s expense:

    Please stop uploading the game highlights to Pornhub… Our public humiliation category is full. #BrazilvsGermany
    — Pornhub Katie (@Pornhub) July 8, 2014

    PornHub and their competitors have subsequently removed the videos in question, and are continuing to do so. (I know, because I just spent twenty minutes looking for “Brazilians getting fucked by Germany” on multiple porn sites and let me tell you, it was not soccer.)

    Fun fact: the German national soccer team is officially known as Die Mannschaft.
  2. RobDeleu


    Ah pornhub, the best porn site ever together with madthumbs and the porn list @ :p

    That game is going down in history. I put on the game 25 min in and I coudn't believe it was like 0-4. I thought something was wrong with the scoreboard :D If it wasn't for the home country Brazil, you would think the game was set up. Epic loss for Brazil. :wtf:

    Yes, the Brazil team got fucked big time by Germany. They deserved the title the most in the end. Can't believe that Messi won the award of player of the tournament. Should have gone to Robben.
  3. Nerrikos


    I had the same situation on Similarcams. I was shocked by the situation.