Pork bellies going full electronic: when?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by TraDaToR, Jan 18, 2008.

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    I remember reading an article about CME closing pork bellies pit and the future going full electronic( not sure... ), does someone knows when it is supposed to happen?

  2. I believe in march but im not for sure. They have no liquidity anyway and open interest is a complete joke. Watch when they go completely electronic as there will be absolutely no liquidity.
  3. bellies are the most manipulated market there is

  4. Agreed. I remember walking around the cme pits a few years ago and if I remember correctly there was like 2 older fellas in the pork belly pit (I can only imagine how exited they get when they see a market order come in). Sadly I think it along with the other futures contracts will become more and more manipulated as we move to more and more screen based trading.

    How ya doing Rtrader2525? Taking some serious coin out of the ag markets?
  5. im doing what i can :) got a few spreads on, there is an infamous pork belly lean hog spread that is fucking solid if you can get it (i've picked up 20 dollars on it before) but I remember one time my uncle got us involved in the spread at a hoorible level and wouldn't get us out. Those fucks in the pits milked the accounts for around 60 k. needless to say, the last time i bought hogs and sold bellies was a few years back :) FYI If you ever see a month wqhere pork bellies are 30 dollars or more than lean hogs (I've seen it get as wide as 36.00, then buy hogs sell bellies) BUt for your personal safety make sure that it's far enough out that you have time to exit. be very careful on this one.
  6. This exsists in the Feb contract right now.....Short time frame...but way out of line....maybe a low risk spread
  7. NO NO NO Feb is way way way to close, do NOT enter that trade. Trust me, like i said last time i got real backwards on one and couldn't get out for a fucking week. Between 5 people lost 60 fucking thousand. IF you are going to do that trade be out at least a month or two before expiration is even close. Remeber bellies are settled CASH :(
  8. i think it's may. but i also read they delayed it(maybe those 2 guys bitched lol)

    did you work at the cme? be cool to actually see where my orders go! i guess it will be to the cbot soon though:)