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  1. well, don't this beat all. My hard disk crashed and now I am redownloading everything and every minute I get a pop up saying "to prevent popups download our product." I'll be damned if I am going to use anybody's product who sends me one of these popups!

    At anyrate, I know there are all kinds of downloads to stop them, but somebody posted here how to just go into windows and check or uncheck something, and that's what I did before and it worked perfectly.

    But that was over a year ago and I can't find the post anymore. I think you go to Start, control panel, then maybe system or something, and there is a whole list of stuff to check or uncheck.

    Anybody know how to do it?

    (don't need any downloads, I am already downloading panicware)
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    I love my Panicware!

    To get rid of the other annoying Windows Pop Ups:

    Go into Control Panel/Performance and Maintainance/Computer management/services and applications/Services/Double click Messenger and CLICK DISABLE!

    And NO more Windows Messenger Pop ups!
  4. If you're not on dialup - get a router with built in NAT firewall. It's very cheap, let's you share your connection with more than one machine, and blocks all outside intrusion (not just that old Messenger hack).
  5. Any basic router will have NAT ( Network Address Translation ) and will prevent your IP address from being shown.

    This will remove 98% of your pop-ups.

    The other 2% can be removed by "disabling" the "MS-Messenger Service" which was eluded to in a previous post.
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    not for the paranoid conspiracy theorists who think everyone is out there tracking them, but try google toolbar, WITHOUT the advanced option (which does track sites you visit).

    it blocks popups without interference, keeps a track of # of blocks, and you can selectively override and allow individual popups or allow an entire site. it includes quite a few other "neat" features if you are a searchoholic.

    did i mention it is free?



  7. once again, amg enlightens the community. thank you for the info ! nice to see you back.

    surfer:) :)
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    Hi Dave-- I've been touting that toolbar to whoever will listen, lol. Searching for oddball stuff is what got me to google, and probably ET, in the first place. Hope you're enjoying forex-- that's a very cool mental stretch. Ana Maria :cool:
  9. Google toolbar works great for me.

    Michael B.
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