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    Try out Opera as your browser. It has built in ad-stopping capabilities, plus it's incredibly fast. Other features like using mouse gestures (e.g. right click and swipe backwards to go back one page) are really hard to do without once you've had them.


    I've been a user for several years.
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  2. Opera's a great browser but it has 2 critical flaws. 1 is the lack of a password manager and 2 is that it fails to display several types of page elements correctly. Browse over to nasdaq.com for an example. Other than that Opera's superb.
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  3. lhclin

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    The Mozilla browser has build in
    pop up killer (under
    scripts & plugins>open unrequested

    The tab browsing is also cool.

    Mozilla is a free browser that
    Netscape 7 is based on. You
    can download it
    from www.mozilla.org.

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    I can't argue with that. You seem to be fairly discerning; which is your favorite?

    IE drives me crazy....
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  5. I'm stuck with IE. It's the least of all the evils. I use it with a neat little utility called NetCaptor, that gives it tabbed pages and a favorites menu that doesn't use that thoroughly annoying Windows navigation system.

    I never liked Netscape/Mozilla.
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    Nice. I just looked at NetCaptor. It looks like it has some of those features which I really like in Opera. By using tabs, it seems that you stay with a SDI type of setup, and all those popups/unders are constrained to fit in the window, not all over your desktop.

    Thanks for the info. I'll look more carefully at it.
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