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  1. Any recommendations on software to block the annoying popup or pop-under adds?

    Yahoo e.g. is getting really irritating with all the X10, life insurance etc.
  2. i use POW! from analogx.com.. in conjunction, i also use the google toolbar which has the following option:

    "Suppress the onUnload JavaScript event. The onUnload JavaScript event is most often used to open pop-up windows as you leave a page, which can be an annoyance. The following feature will clear the onUnload event after loading each page."

    together, this is a great system.
  3. I know there is software & freeware available at the CNET website that is supposed to be good. I use ZoneAlarm Pro as a firewall, and it has a pretty good ad blocker built in. I would estimate it stops about 90% of the stuff that was hitting my screen before I used it.

    I have heard others have problems with trading software while using ZoneAlarm. I use E-signal & IB, and if I load them PRIOR to launching ZoneAlarm, I have no problems.
  4. zonealarm

    be careful with one thing. do not uninstall it unless you have it totally deactivated. i tried zonealarm once and i uninstalled it while it was active, by accident. after it uninstalled, i had no internet connection at all. i had to use another computer, download zonealarm, put it on a disk, reinstall it on my computer, run zone alarm, deactivate it, then uninstall it.

    it was a total mess. i searched on the internet for help and i saw that many had this same problem. imo, the uninstall routine should make sure zonealarm is inactive before it removes the files, etc.
  5. I use Lavasoft Ad-Aware on my, and my clients, machines. It has done a world of good. I also have Zonealarm activated.

    Here is the link:


    Hope this helps you out! :)
  6. Funster


    is the best.

    it can kill your internet and/or windows history (excluding wanted cookies of course) in a keystroke.

    but the handy little side feature is the pop up killer. it stops all pop ups dead and can even give a little beep to say it's done it, which, I can tell you, is VERY satisfying!

    You can also easily toggle it off and on with a hotkey.

    For those of you who find yourself at naughty sites in public(!) there is also a boss key. this minimizes all open IE windows instantly.

  7. i've always thought a good idea for a pop up killer would be one that works off image urls. most pop up killers right now run off the title of pages...but there are a lot of pop ups that are leaving the page title blank. i think a good idea would be to work off the url of the image in the pop up instead.
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  9. i've had real good luck with the Proxomitron.

    once you set it up, you're golden.

    also, don't forget to place a shortcut to it in your startup folder, otherwise you have to launch it every time you boot up.
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    This program is pretty good. All the others mentioned I'm not familiar with so I don't know how it compares.


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