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  1. does anyone know of a way to keep these obnoxious new popup ads (gee whiz. what will they think of next?) from being dumped unsolicited onto my machine?

  2. panicware.com
  3. :cool: thanks guys.:cool:
  4. Stop to visit porn sites :D

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    go to www.blackviper.com
    they have free instructions on how to get rid of those little nuisances......
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    Thanks for the link, interesting place. Anyway, I went there, searched all over, even expanded his site map, still couldn't find a single word on eliminating pop-ups. Please give me specific instructions how to find it on his site. Thanks.
  8. this 'microsoft messenger service' crap is way out of control. it's happened that one of those little gems has spontaneously popped up while entering an order, taking control of the order entry window away from me.

    somebody smarter than I am might figure out a way to sue over that.
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