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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Digs, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Digs


    Outside of the USA what are the most popular mum and pop trading exchanges. I mean the most followed by the public and not by banks and brokers.

    What do I mean by popular: I am interesting in stock markets where the public have a high interest in the stock market. So 1 in 3 of the population own stocks etc...

    Austrialian ASX
    Hong Kong
    others ??

    How would you rank them from very popular with a mum and pop trading public to not so popular.
  2. Korea is likely #1.
    Taiwan and HK are also high on the list.

    Most of the markets you listed are likely not even in the top 10. In the US many people have an interest in the stock market, but it is usually via mutual funds, so they don't bother to follow individual names. The Nikkei has done so poorly for so long, I'd be surprised if anyone is following it anymore. Likely a whole generation has written off the market.