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  2. Or use a safer web browser (firefox) or trade under Linux or OS X....
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    it is not or. it means a trading dedicated computer.
  4. Well, that explains those "Authorization Failed" messages I got a few times while trying to access FF's calendar. Using Firefox on a separate machine, BTW.

    This is also a good illustration of why all MS Windows security updates need to be taken damn seriously and done promptly. The patch for that thread is "Security Update for Windows XP (KB925902)." It was released on April 3rd and installed on my PCs (manually by me, not automatically) within the next 2 days.

    Basically, it seems that only those Windows users who visited FF at exactly the wrong time AND are not using up-to-date antivirus protection AND either disregard or fall way behind on their MS Windows security updates could be affected.
  5. Man I gotta chime in on this one.

    If trading is your livelihood, you need to protect your trading computer like your life depended on it.

    Don't surf, don't play games, don't e-mail, only trade on your trading computer.

    If you're trading for a living, surely you can afford to buy a separate computer for these more mundane and riskier activities.
  6. Ok, I guess the fact that I trade under OS X with parallels running all the PC based software I need to run, and have been doing this SPECIFICALLY on my INTEL-Mac for over a year (with both Windoze and OS X Running AT THE SAME TIME) means nothing. You WINDOZE guys get virus after virus and I chug along with no problems.

    No Denial of Service issues, No Trojans running around causing me grief, etc....

    I run firefox under OSX, I use trade-Ideas (PC software) I use IB (Java) I use InvestorRT Mac Version and previously Tradestation 2000i to test strategies.... I was also using GTFX before I decided to do all my forex with IB. No headaches, no hassles!!!!

    So again I reiterate.... Use a different OS as your main OS and use virtualization software to run the SPECIFIC PC programs you need to run...

    No fuss, no Muss..... I hate these PC vs Mac/Linux wars, but the facts speak. UNIX based OS's have FAR less interest among the attackers and thus HAVE FAR LESS PROBLEMS!!!!

    Addendum... That is an opinion (use a dedicated computer for Trading) That comes from the Windoze world of hassles. I have been a MAc User for over 15 years. I have had PC's Built that gatherd dust becasue I didnt like "blue screen of death," Bloated OS, etc.... I have 5 Macs running at this time and we have no problems doing MULTIPLE TASKS on them. How many PC guys would DARE run trading software on their computer while recording Lead Vocals. I do, and no headaches... Ever try to Mix a song while watching the market on the same system??? I Do. Just because you have had HELL!!!! doesnt mean everyone has had hell. I made my choice back in the early 90's. I havent looked back.

    Doesnt mean I have a superior OS, it means I have 1/100 of the heachaches you've had. Only issues I have ever had was crapped out cheap Fujitsu Hard Drives....
  7. Why does it have to be based on affordability??? I call it convenience... I have had 3 computers running at a time. It's damn confusing to me. I prefer one machine doing multiple tasks on multiple screens.... I have been doing it that way since 1999.

    Trust me I know this isn't personal to me. But false information is annoying.

    I can only base my opinions on my experiences and the experiences of others around me who do alternate solutions or follow similar practices as I.
  8. Great, another thread hijacked within half an hour.
  9. How is it hijacking when all we are doing is expressing OUR OPINIONS in a public forum based on the authors original statements....

    The majority of the responses agree with him. I am the lone oppositional voice. LOL (so far.)

    The same can be said for any primary use of a computer. In the Music circles I travel, there is Loud noise about not surfing the web on your AUDIO computer. This noise generally comes from the PC users, not the Mac Users. SO I chime in as a part of the minority sharing my experience and views.... Of course for the people who don't like the 1st Amendment.....The ACLU is in full effect...
  10. WinXP .. one computer .. more than half a brain. No problems.

    You just keep things up to date. The issue isn't operating systems ... it brains.
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