Pope to resign !!!

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    First time in 600 years!

    "Lack of strength", my ass.

    More likely lack of a place to hide from covering up massive pedophilia by pervert priests.
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    Think about it: the last time a pope resigned, the father of Christopher Columbus hadn't been born yet. :eek:
  3. There was enormous controversy about the selection of this pope anyways. There was a cardinal out of Nigeria I think, who was the front runner at the time. This pope came out of nowhere.
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    Just maybe they'll pick somebody who doesn't have ties to Adolph Hitler. :D
  5. It would be a notable break, but it would also indicate a paradigm shift. I don't think the Church is quite prepared for that.
  6. I see the blogosphere is already on fire about the Cardinals out of Africa. We will see. I still don't think the Church is ready to do this yet.
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    Too old to do the job at 85.

    Congress should take note.
  8. The Catholic church is a disgrace to religion and mankind. I don't see how anyone with a shred of integrity can support this particular religion. It's one thing to believe in God and follow a particular spiritual path. It's quite another to do it in a house so filled with perversion and abominable criminal activity, all of it being covered up and excused by the church itself. The Vatican should be completely demolished and the Catholic religion abandoned.
  9. LONDON -- Cardinals from Canada, Nigeria and Ghana are among the leading candidates to succeed Benedict XVI as pope, according to bookmakers odds.

    Cardinal Marc Ouellet, 68, is the favorite at Paddy Power Plc at 5-2, meaning a 2-euro ($2.70) winning bet would win a 5- euro profit. The Dublin-based bookmaker is offering Nigerias Francis Arinze, 80, and Peter Turkson, 64, of Ghana at 7-2. Argentinas Leonardo Sandri, 69, is at 5-1. Turkson was previously rated as favorite.

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    I would think there are millions of Catholics who are good people in large part due to their observance.
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