Pope: "There is no Hell"

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  2. He first said that two or three years ago. I hope you are having fillet of sole.
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    Thats a whale of a challenge. Best I send you one COD because odds are I'd flounder, come up with a crappie one, and have to step down from my creative perch here a ET.
  5. The construct of Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil...was created to keep early and modern man...on the straight path in life.

    If man didn't have that concept...anarchy and crime would happen much more constantly.
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  6. Finally, the current Pope answers the same question so many people have been asking almost daily - What the Hell?
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  8. Anyone with half a brain has known this for centuries. Why do you think the church engaged in the most cruel forms of torture? To frighten people into believing that their fear-mongering, fairy tale bullshit was true.
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