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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, Feb 22, 2003.

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    Where do these pop up ads come from when you have yet to visit a web site after turning on your cpu? Are they possible because Windows Messenger is enabled? Or have they been planted inside the machine during a previous visit to some site? How do you keep them away? Thanks

  2. how bogus that is. I jumped through the hoops that one said would make it stop happening but it didn't stop. If these people could find a way to get popups directly into your brain they would. But let's not give 'em any ideas.
  3. If they have "Windows Messenger" in the caption, then just disable messenger
  4. Sanjuro


    There was a previous thread on this.

    The message I think you are talking about is a
    Windows feature that allows admins to broadcast
    a message to all computers.

    Some companies started using the feature to broadcast
    advertisement to random computers. There is a way to
    disable it.

    I remember there was a link to a website which showed a
    picture of the popup and steps to disable it for different
    operating systems.

    Maybe someone who still has the link can post it.
  5. BKuerbs


    Yes, do you use XP? It is not the Instant Messenger but a service called Messenger intended to send News in a LAN. It is started each time your PC is booted.

    Open Settings -> administration, select "Services" search for Messenger and stop it (rightclick). Deactivate the automatic start (doubleclick the line containing Messenger)


    Bernd Kuerbs
  6. rs7


    "settings" where?

  7. BKuerbs


    Sorry, I do not use an english Version of Windows, so I have to guess.

    Should be in the "Start" menue, then
    pick the same options you use to launch the uninstall dialogue. In that folder there is an entry "administration" (or similar).


    Bernd Kuerbs
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