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  1. I have ad blocker pro to stop pop up ads,but i still keep getting a few pop ups.Is this normal or is there any software one can recommend to stop annoying pop ups forever?
  2. i've been having the same prob lately, and i've been using the proxomitron, which, in the past, killed 99.9% of them...

    i even had this friggin' AMEX card whiz across my screen the other day, and that REALLY pissed me off bigtime.
  3. Are you seeing an actual "popup" (i.e., a new window) or are you seeing ads popping up in front of the page you're viewing?

    I'm using Google's popup blocker and it's been working very well, but there are a few sites (like the TVGuide site) that use embedded ads that live within the current page - they popup over the contents of the page but not in a separate window so the popup blocker logic doesn't work.
  4. I'm seeing a new window.Can you post a link to that google popup blocker?Thanks.
  5. Have a look at www.crazybrowser.com. It is free, and uses Internet Explorer. It is great at blocking pop-ups and has other cool features.
  6. I've also been using the Google pop up blocker. It has worked very well. It is part of the google toolbar that is incorporated into your browser after downloading their program. I got mine from the Google.com home page but it no longer seems to be advertised there.
  7. I have used the free ones, but I prefer Zone Alarm. Many of the free ones that I have used prevent all pop-ups, like links that automatically open another browser. For example: Yahoo Chess, which I cannot live without. You can download a 60 day trial from their website. There is a $10 off offer that expires today, FYI.
  8. TJ.


    I receive very few, and those only pop-up behind what I am reading, I delete when closing the window, what am I doing wrong:)
  9. From what i understand ... google toolbar records all your preferences. i.e. transactions, site visited, frequencey, etc. ... is that correct?

    If so .. I would stay far away from it.
  10. Thanks for the link.I just downloaded it and it seems to be blocking all popups.
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