Pop-Up Blocker for Day Trading

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  1. These intraday pop ups are really messing with my trading day. I go to make a trade and a pop up destroys my timing. I used one in the past and it interfered with my esignal feeds among other problems. Anyone using Esignal that can advise as to the best blocker to use would be helpful.

  2. im using the free one from google. works great.
  3. what's a pop up?

    do you mean like an internet explorer popup when you visit a web page???
  4. Stop visit porn sites while you're trading, LOL j/k :D

    -FastTrader :p
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    I use Esignal and Pop-Up Stopper by panic ware, (Panicware.com) the free version, and I have not noticed any problems with Esignal when the blocker is activated.
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    i use opera.

    i have "pop up windows" disabled.
  7. when I say Pop-up I mean the advertisements, casino, close circuit camera etc.. all that crap
  8. If that means you're websurfing while trading and the sites you're visiting are throwing up popup and popunder ads windows - just download the latest Google bar (it's free) and use its automatic browser popup blocker. It's got a way to flag certain sites to allow popup windows in case you're visiting some that you want to let open new windows as part of their proper functionality.

    The Messenger style popup messages only occur if your computer is flying naked on the internet instead of sitting behind a firewall or firewalled router.

    Neither should interfere with eSignal or anything else.
  9. mine is called "Stop-the-Pop-Up", i got it for free from www.download.com
    I have esignal and it never interfered with it so far, both seem to be working well with each other.
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    Dude, you need to get yourself Ad Aware. It's free and will rid your computer of all the spy ware and tracking bugs which cause 99% of pop ups. Run it every week or so. Then get yourself POW pop up killer for the remaining pop ups. These are on the link below in addition to a few other goodies. Enjoy.

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