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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, May 18, 2002.

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  1. Today I was doing a little research on my computer, when (despite not having any Internet Explorer windows open) two shitty popup ads randomly appeared in the middle of my screen! These were the REALLY annoying ones - video, sound...:mad:

    I have norton systemworks prof 2002 on my computer, with script blocking activated, but I'm very concerned about this problem. If someone can tell me how these ads are able to appear on my computer, and recommend software (stable and maybe even free, but pay is OK too) that will BLOCK these *&*^% things from appearing, that would be sweet. Thanks!
  2. ddefina


    Zone alarm has banner blocking, but I think its only in the Pro version.
  3. Splat


    Symantec has a firewall product called Norton Internet Security
    that integrates into system works. It also has functionality
    to stop popups/banners although I dont use this particular
    functionality myself. I use the firewall.


  4. Rigel


    I've had a popup every morning for six days now when I boot up and open my home page (Elite)in the morning. It only happens once a day, the first time I use my browser. Maybe something I got from a link posted here. It looks like someone has put an automatic banner ad link on MY system which is a first. Real crummy thing to do IMO. Haven't been able to get rid of it either. One good thing, when I right-click the ad and "view source" it says that it will expire 6/14/02. Or maybe Baron is doing popups now?
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Scratch me off your suspect list, because Elite Trader doesn't do pop-ups.
  6. noctavian


    Proximatron ( www.proxomitron.org ) and AdSubtract ( www.adsubtract.com ) are both good utilities that let you avoid pop ups and the like. Proximatron is freeware and Adsubtract is a shareware product based on Proximatrons code that is easier to setup.
  7. rickty


    rigel wrote:
    That's when the next in the series will be activated :)

  8. TAfool


    What you have done is download and install a program that randomly opens these pop-ups. Usually it's done from one of those little scripts that Windows will ask if you want to run, but if you don't have the warning dialog turned on or accidentally clicked OK you may not have noticed it. Once run, you're up a creek.

    What you need to do now is delete and unload this program that has been installed on your system. Depending on which operating system you have the details will be different and it also depends upon which program was installed. Some will put an uninstall in the Add/Remove Programs list. A search of all running programs or the startup groups should find it.

    You can try LavaSoft's AdAware, Startup Cop, or even Microsoft's' own MSCONFIG.EXE to locate some of these gremlins.

  9. tuna


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