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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dan_s, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Just venting...

    I needed a replacement IB secure token. Pursuant to their instructions, I sent it via overnight delivery. It was delivered on Tuesday. I called today (Friday) to find out why I hadn't received a new token yet. They told me that they haven't checked in the tokens received this week yet.

    What's the point of overnight delivery if the package is going to sit on a desk for 3 days.

    Another example of poor customer service at IB.

    At least I haven't had any issue getting a temp ID.
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    As a follow-up, I called today and was told that my token now was checked in. However, a new token had not been sent to me. I was told to go to account management and request another token.

    Previously, I was told to send a note with the token explaining why I was returning it and a new one would be sent to me automatically.

    Hopefully everything is now resolved and the token will arrive this week.
  3. u haven't heard that IB has outsources customer service to various prisons across the country?
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    As a final follow-up, received a new token on November 14. Activate a token procedures reported a failure, but new token device is working fine, so it looks like everything is ok. Interestingly, the day after receiving the new token device, I received the passcode card for alternative secure authentication.