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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by newtoet, Oct 24, 2005.

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    How can I argue with a user who shows manners at every turn? Fortunately, that's not you.

  3. you're not alone, TG.

    NewtToad disses me all the time.

    Now he's even flaming you!

    Baron, this idiot should be banned.

    he rails on members in good standing, AND now he's cussing out your moderators!

    TGregg does a great job here, and this moron comes along and viciously attacks him for no reason.

    please remove this worthless scab from ET.

    thank you.

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    Me calling you a dumbass is nothing compared to you making fun of 2,000 dead US soldiers.

    And, most would say it is a fitting description of you after that thread.
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    Skalpz - your reputation speaks for itself. You are a piece of crap loser, and everyone on ET knows it.

    Sadly, the fact that Baron lets you keep posting here says a lot about the state of ET.
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    TGregg, when the person you have coming to your defense is skalpz, then something is seriously wrong.
  7. I think he's right, TGregg.

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    i agree. i mean who do those people think they are reminding americans they are fighting an illegal war and that hundreds of people are dying needlessly for the greed of a few?

    what ever next?

    lets not forget, that that there oil in iraq is AMERICAN oil right! also, bush is a fine president and has americas best interest at heart. he is an intelligent human being and is right in EVERYTHING he does. Also, lets not forget that AMERICA armed iraq in the first place when it suited american objectives, so it is very unsporting of these iraqis to attack us troops when all they are trying to do is steal their, sorry, take back americas oil.

    arse dribble