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    I am successful trading the Interactive Brokers demo and paper trading live charts. Both NQ and ES. In the real would it would seem that I would get a 50% win/lose ratio even without a strategy. However when I go live I lose virtually every trade. I have lost a lot of money trying to scalp and become a successful trader, but I must be doing something very wrong. I pick my entry points using trend lines and support and resistance on a one minute chart. How can I have such a dismal record? Is it possible that I am singled out to trade against?
  2. Yes, indeed you have. It is really that simple. You, out of all the hundreds of thousands of traders out there have been singled out for extinction. The Illuminati have decreed that you, ross00, are to be squashed, stamped out, marginalized beyond recognition. My advice to you -- run! Run like the wind and get thee away from this den of trading iniquity before all is lost...
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    are you executing off TWS ticker page or are you using something else??

  5. Yup....When real money is on the table you have FEAR and GREED to deal with
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    they certainly have something to do with something.:D
    But just for this case make sure you use realistic paper trading with live data feed like Ninja Trader.

  7. An excellent arguement for how worthless paper trading really is.

    In fact, it misleads people to believe that they actually have some level of competence. In reality, it increases the learning curve.

    My advice? Quit papertrading now, trade live with real money, keep a journal as to why you lose/your trading behavior, then work systematically to eliminate those errors.

    You need to increase your real-time, real world trading.

    It is your only hope.
  8. Well said.

    I can't believe some out there think the market and all it's goblins are out there stalking you and your one lot trying to bust your $5k account out.


    If you were joking, the joke was lost on me. If you are serious, time to rethink your trading plan...
  9. I have a suggestion for you. Why don't you pay for a separate data feed for a month? Use the data feed with a free charting program like QuoteTracker to determine your entries, and use IB strictly for execution. In this way, you will know that IB are not somehow manipulating the data feed and taking an artificial market against you in order to rip you off. I think you'll find out pretty quickly that there isn't a conspiracy to stop you out.

    Mind you, I'm not saying that IB aren't taking the other side of your trades. If they think you're a loser, why wouldn't they? I would. But that's not what you're asking about. You suspect that when you enter, IB takes the 'quotes' you're seeing the other way and stops you out, right? So you suspect that the quotes you're getting from IB are manipulated.

    It's dead simple to prove this isn't happening.

    Last - be prepared to get ridiculed if you ask this question around here.
  10. Well said, however I would add that this individual should quit trading until he stops theorizing someone's "out to get him".

    Scratch that. what am I thinking? Of course he should keep trading so I can find him among the hundreds of thousands and take his money too!!
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