Poor parenting = Dismembered kid.

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  1. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/13/boys-body-found-suspect-being-questioned/

    Just because your 8 year old kid thinks it is a good idea to walk the streets of NY alone, does not make it a good idea. This is what happens when parents are not capable of setting limits and letting children make parental decisions around the house.

    Poor kid was lost and alone trying to find his way home before some pervert scooped him up and killed then chopped him up.

    The police said it was the boy’s first day of walking home by himself. “He’d asked his parents’ permission to walk home alone and the parents were waiting outside” for him to return, Mr. Browne said.
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    We can thank the "progressive liberals" for this.
  3. Don't let your 8 year old walk the streets of NY alone.
  4. Poor kid. His parents sure learned their lesson.
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    I'm SO glad I'm not a Police Officer anymore! I left that job many moons ago. IF I were to catch the evil bastard that did that to that 8 year old little boy, I would beat the guy until his brains ran out of his freaking ears!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
  6. Unfortunately one innocent child had to pay the price. An 8 year old does not know any better, they are innocent and naive and will make requests of a parent that make no sense and put them at grave danger.

    It is the parents job to be able to be the bad guy at those times and say no even the the child will get upset. When they grow older they will look back and understand you did it for their best interests.

    Unfortunately parents are unwilling to do this out of fear of upsetting the child and end up being poor parents and thier child suffering horrible consequences for it.
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    Tough job. i can't imagine having to deal with the trash of society day in and day out. To see children like that? I do not have the stomach for it.
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    What's really hard is the lead investigators have to go to the Medical Examiner's office, and photograph/document the autopsy. SOOOOOOOO glad I left that job behind after College. My temper would get me put in Federal Prison after beating the blood and spit out of some piece of trash who would do that to a little kid!:mad:

    And if it were my Son? There would be no trial! I can shoot a rifle, and shoot it well.

    I need to pray about this one as it elicited anger from me, and I apologize for coming off that way. I have investigated/aided in the investigations of several murdered children cases, and it is something I will NEVER be able to forget. Any police officer who says they don't bring their work home with them is lying to you. Some images stick with you forever...:(
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    And yet probably 1000's of 8 year olds walked on the street in NY on that same day and were just fine...but this one case proves that children should be cooped up inside all day or have helicopter parents buzzing circles around them any time they go outside.
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    Yes, so sad! I grew up in New Orleans as a kid, and rode my bike all over the place without too many issues. That was late 70's. Now?:eek: Not a chance!

    Comedian Chris Rock said in a stand up show, "kids aren't safe to go anywhere. Now they can only stand in their yard, and jump up and down on one leg." He's sadly correct on that one...
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