Poor McCain

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  1. Except that the Republicans called Obama the elitist.
  2. Only if Tony Rezko helps him get a sweetheart deal.....
  3. Yes, Obama did earn some money...

    Unlike McBush who simply married into it...


    Cracks me up how much the klannish went after Kerry because he married money, but say nothing about McCain doing the same thing...

  4. Arnie



    Take a look at Mrs Kerry and then take a look at Mrs McCain. Who do you think married for money?


  5. I think if you take a quick look at the two women involved, you will understand the difference.
  6. White skinny blond drug addict, yep, bimbo of choice for republicans...

    Beauty is skin deep, but no group is as shallow as the republicans...

  7. Yep, bimbo blond heiress drug addict...the drug of choice for corrupt republican gigolo types...

    <img src=http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2209/2391861281_06051b6484_o.jpg>

    <img src=http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j182/swiftian/0_040908/cindymccain_antoinette1.jpg>

  8. Nobody's saying that McCain married his wife for money, he left his wife for her because she was a model. We know he didn't marry her for money because she insisted on a pre-nup.

    The fact that he married into money just means that it's very hard for non-elitist McCain to keep track of his houses.

    Now, the Republicans will run a few more ads about how Obama is an elitist.
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