Poor Man's Supercar for $35K

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    In the Atom, its 220 horses will propel you from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. What's more, it's capable of cruising comfortably at 160 miles per hour.

    Most supercars bear an impressive list of technical specifications and stats, but experts look first to one figure and one figure only: power-to-weight ratio. This number is the chief determinant of real-world racing performance.

    INSIDE-OUT. And Ariel delivers. The Atom's ratio is roughly equivalent to a Dodge Viper, bests Porsche's top-of-the-line model, and goes toe-to-toe with the fastest Ferraris.

    But the car's most notable aspect, which may best convey its racing capabilities, is its design. Unlike any other widely available car, its chassis and body are one and the same. This not only saves on weight but gives the Atom an inside-out look that's bound to amp anybody's inner 10-year-old boy.

    UNBEATABLE PRICE. If the Atom is capable of staying with the pack on performance, handling, and even looks, its price tag sets it far apart. Prices range enormously, owing to the Atom's custom-design manufacture.

    But the vehicle starts at a mere $35,000 and fully decked out only fetches $75,000. It's a steal compared with other supercars that start in the low six figures and quickly climb into the millions.

  2. Lot of money for a dune buggy. A used sprint car is fast too, a lot cheaper, and also not street legal.
  3. $30,000 for a souped up go-kart? No thanks.
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    It's a supercar, why are you deriding it for not looking like a street car?
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    Calling it a "supercar" doesn't make it one. That's a dune buggy/go-cart for the street.


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    The real poor man's supercar is the Corvette Z06. For $65k, you get a car with 500hp V8 engine.
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    You missed the part about power to weight ratio? And the part about $35k??
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    Formula1 cars run about 1.5 pounds per horsepower and are hardly bigger than a go kart. This thing is about 6lbs/hp, the vette is closer to 7, etc. A go cart held the overall speed record at Willow Springs raceway for years. That's just the way it is, little, light, overpowered cars have the advantage.

    That thing might be a supercar in a sense but is it going to attract the women?? I think not actually.
  9. If you don't mind used:



    Trying to stay within your budget numbers here:
    (Nice classic)

    (I'd probably do this one and use the balance of the cash for even more upgrades)

    (Lose a little speed but gain a really nice vehicle)

    (A few bucks more but could be a head turner)

    But that's just me!!! :cool:
  10. The article on the Atom says

    "But the essence of any supercar lies under the hood".

    I would have to disagree. Super high bhp and top speed are a prerequisite for admission into the club, but there are plenty of very fast cars that clearly aren't supercars.

    This is not one of them.


    btw... I would have to agree with Htrader - the 'Vette is as close as many people will ever come.
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