poor cramer?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jonbig04, May 7, 2008.

  1. whats with all the cramer haters on ET? seems like every thread with him in it is derogatory.
  2. Allot of "traders" on here follow his advice verbatim and get pissed when they lose money.
  3. LOL.................. too funny, yet true.


  4. wow. thats strange since he's obviously a good stock picker. i dont think i would follow his advice verbatim, but thats just me. if you bought his action alerts stocks you'd be doing pretty well. anyways its just funny how he gets a lot of crap on ET

  5. haha see! i can understand being indifferent, but why the hate?
  6. i think it has to do with his never in doubt but seldom right attitude. then you look at his long term aa portfolio record and say wtf, you could have done better in a bank cd.

  7. well he did, you know, run a hedge fund...he cant be all that bad. but whether he wrong or right who cares....hes educating people, whats wrong with that?
  8. well jerry springer used to educate people too. i guess jim cramer is the jerry springer of the stock market.
  9. dnk


    hedge fund with paper money?... if real $ how much did he make? you people do not get it. he makes money for himself, for others...:D

  10. i dont quite understand your post. i hope your not suggesting he actually does what he does (educating) for money...???
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